Saturday, May 1, 2010

You'd Think I Didn't Have Anything to Blog About...

So since my last blog I:

Got engaged:

Got Married in the LA Temple:

Went to Jamaica:

We went on a Zip line tour which was awesome because:
1)We got to wear this hard core get up

2) Our tour guides were these guys and they were the funiest people on the planet.
3) And we got to 4 wheel up the mountain in this baby - a couple of times the hill was so steep I was sure the thing would roll over, but not to worry these guys were hanging off the back of it like it was no big deal talking about all the weed that's in this forest and singing "One Love" by Bob Marley.

When we showed up at our resort they knew we were on our honeymoon so they upgraded our suite to an oceanfront suite. Well, we discovered the downside of this when="" we looked to the horizon from our window and tainting it was a nudy beach. I don't know if you've seen the Seinfeld episode about good naked and bad naked. Jerry was dating a girl who walked around the apartment naked and he thought it was kinda cool until he sees her do some daily activities like straining to open the pickle jar and decides that people need to wear cloths. I think this episode reinforces the grossness of nude beaches. Nude, old, hairy people laying around in the heat conversing with one another as if they had clothes on. This makes no sense to me.

This leads me to another story from the trip. We ate dinner at different restaurants and it always seemed that the same group was there. In this group was a really loud guy. Well one night one o
f the ladies leaned over to me and says (for simplification purposes we'll call the loud guy in the group loud guy) "Loud guy invited me to hang out with him and his wife on the nude beach tomorrow. " How do you carry a normal conversation with people who are naked? He said " if I felt uncomfortable he would put on his speedo." It didn't seem to me that that last comment made her feel any better about the siutation. So it turns out that Loud Guy was a nudist by day and a loud talker that wore clothes at night and tried to convert people over to his lifestyle.

The French restaurant at the resort required jackets, which they provided. Well I got really cold in there, which is a normal occurrence for me. Naturally Mark did the gentlemanly thing to do and gave me his jacket. It wasn't 3 minutes later when the manager came out with this Miami Vice Jacket for Mark to wear. I guess I couldn't wear his jacket vicariously for him. But He got to wear this sweet jacket.

...No biggie...

And some other fun stuff:
The first Bee's game of the season:
This picture was taken before "the surgeon" sat behind us, tapped on our shoulder and asked Mark to be sure to catch any foul balls because his hand were his livelihood. Okay well he didn't actually say his hands were his livelihood. But that's what he sounded like. The surgeon definitely wanted us to know his occupation.

The Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point is surprisingly cool. These little girls are our neices and they are so adorable!

Mark helped them build a dinosaur habitat.

And I plan on keeping this blog up... I just need serious help with making it look pretty...

Pictures of my little apartment to follow... it's too messy right now to take pictures that I want to publish..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot as Hades

I just got back from the hottest place on the planet. So hot that you had to either stay in the water or the air conditioned room or you would melt away. But it was oh so fun! I got to hang out with Mark and My Fam at the same time. It doesn't get any better than that. We got to ride jet skis (that were pretty ghetto) go parasailing (which made me so sick that I almost hurled)(but we did see a sea turtle which made up for the fact that I almost puked) get on the water taxi and go to lover's beach, play in waves that at one point or another made you feel like you were going to die, snorkel, jump off a really large rock, eat a lot of pineapple and guacamole (but not mixed together), play cards, get a chocolate mani pedi, and chill. It was way fun. Here are some pictures...and some snippets from my journal. (i'm too lazy to rewrite)

My favorite night was when me and Mark took a blanket to the ocean and sat and talked on the beach looking at the ocean and the stars. At one point this guy rode up to us on a horse and tried to get us to buy a ride. He was hysterical. Before I knew it he was standing on one leg and explaining to us that he wasn't drunk because he could still stand on one leg and keep balance. He was highly entertaining. His name was Justin. I'm pretty sure that wasn't his real Mexican name. The best part was when he rode away and yelled "I am a lone ranger".

I love jet skiing in the ocean. The waves are so huge. It was funny because nicole went for a ride with me and we tried to start the sea doo but it wouldn't. So the guy had to swim out to our sea doo that kept stalling. He jumped on and had to push start and majorly milk the throttle. Then he had me hold it on the same place while he jumped off. Me and nicole just busted up laughing and she said "only in Mexico" and really that only would've happened in mexico.

Me and My Mark. That sounds really possessive, but I mean it in the cute way.

Watching How I Met Your Mother

I tried to get Nicole to pay attention to me while she checked her email. That was a lost cause.

The boys went to the sportsbar. 50 bucks and 2 hours later they beat the game.

It was such a riviting game that I fell asleep in between trips to the change machine to get them more pesos.

This is Hades in case you were wondering.

We jumped off a rock somewhere around here. That was my favorite. I loved it so much that I almost forgot how much bird poo I had to crawl through to get to the edge.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a lovely surprise....

I know it doesn't seem like it (because my insufficient bloggin of the riveting things that are going on in my life) but I've been really busy lately. The last week has been bad because it's the end of the quarter and my company wants to get as many reports out the door as possible to please Wall Street, and it just so happens that this is the time of year that everyone takes off work for summer vacation. We've been pretty short handed, and that combined with the commute to SLC from Provo was really getting to me. On Thursday when I get home from work I was ready to sleep on the streets of SLC with the other bums so that I'd never have to commute again. I went for a bike ride to cool down and when I got home I had a knock at my door. It was a lady and her husband with this huge poster board that had a message made out of different candies from Mark. It was probably the best surprise ever, and it came when I needed it the most. I'm pretty sure I have the best boyfriend ever...and I'm afraid to eat the candy cuz I don't wanna mess it up. I'm weird like that.

So this is the poster...

...and my surprised face. (please disregard my scantily clad body I was post workout)

And Mark ( who I like to affectionately call Kram...)

And a photograph from the last time I was in Cali. The wind blew at a very inopportune time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daddy Bread!

I have two things to blog about! I thought my life was too boring to blog...but i was WRONG.

Number 1. My dad finally made me some of his glorious daddy bread. I love it. He overnighted it to my work and it was the most pleasant surprise ever.
Number 2. I have new hair! I was in the process of growing out my hair. Until I went to get my hair cut and I decided to cut it off.

BAM. New hair and Daddy Bread pic.

Monday, February 9, 2009


I started my job today. It was such a great day. I can't even believe how much I learned. It was very overwhelming, but so much fun.

SO. What's my blog without an embarrassing moment??

Today my boss was taking me around to meet everybody in different departments. We were in this one lady's office who had made peanut butter chocolate chip balls. My boss was raving about them so when they offered them to me I felt like I needed to partake. I didn't want the whole thing because I was meeting people, so the lady(I met about 25 people today so I can't remember her name!) said she would like half of it. So, thinking that it was like a cookie, I tried to break it in half. When I applied the tiniest amount of pressure the cookie crumbled all over the floor. I was mortified. What I love about my company is that everyone's so down to earth and friendly that me crumbling cookie all over the ground was only a big deal to me. I was still embarrassed and hour later.

Here are some pictures of how much fun I'm having!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

King Louis had the right idea...

So I've been doing a lot of thinking...

When I was in Paris this last summer I visited Versaille. I quickly fell in love with the ornate palace and the lush green gardens which seemed endless. I love that place.

But something troubled me. As I toured King Louis bedchamber I was reminded that nobles switched off dressing him in the morning and evenings. That it was this huge ordeal. "A great honor to take part in." I judged Lou for that. How could you let someone else dress you, even if you are king. That's weird. If you can take charge and lead a whole country, wouldn't you want to take charge and dress yourself.

I was very naive back in those days. Now that I've had time to reflect I realize that Lou had the right idea. I've been washing my face, brushing my teeth, dealing with contacts, toning, lotioning, shaving, and shaving, and shampooing sometimes several times a day for 22 years...a couple of those years I had a lot of help.. What I wouldn't give to pay someone to do that for me. People spend 38.5 total days brushing teeth over lifetime. That's just brushing your teeth. Not all the other good stuff. Lou had the right idea. He added days to his life by having other people taking care of the nitty gritty. The time I spend thinking about getting the plaque off is wasting my time to create.

I'm going to post an add on craigslist for a personal assistant.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Car Pix

I think car pictures are my new favorite. You sit in a car a lot. You might as well document the many hours that your butt is glued to that seat. So that's what I do. The ideal car pic ison the freeway with the windows down and your hair blowing everywhere.

Here are a few favorites.

This is another lil' road trip. My friend Courtney came down with her hubby Josh and we went to Hollywood and Santa Monica. Cecilia came along too.

This is at Canter's. Our favorite Jewish deli in LA. Nostalgic moment. We went here on our 18th bithday after a Romeo and Juliet ballet..little did I know how important that evening was. It was the start of my love of male cabooses. Ballet men have great bums.
So these activities keep me sane, while I try to find my place in the career world...